We are backing the Red Cross

8 Sep, 2020

Towerview Care backs the British Red Cross.

As a company, Towerview Care Group has donated to the Red Cross this year because we wanted to support a good cause. The Red Cross has been going for 150 years, supporting and aiding people from all around the world who are in crisis. They help educate and support people when they are going through the very worst moments of their lives, and we want to support them in their work.

This September | Join Miles for Refugees | British Red Cross

The Red Cross works in war-torn countries, providing aid and educating people about human trafficking and supporting them to rebuild their homes and communities. They work in the UK to support vulnerable people with equipment, care, advice and help reunite families. They are one of the first responders for disasters, large scale emergencies and crisis management.

They also run training courses and provide free teaching resources for schools. The British Red Cross’s motto is “We help anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes.”

During the pandemic, the Red Cross in the UK have been providing mental health advice, access to essentials like food, medicines and medical equipment, and information that can help keep you safe.

Internationally, they help people facing hunger, who are caught up in conflict, and who had to flee their homes.

To find out more about their work, click here to visit their website

Here are some videos with a selection of the amazing work that they do.

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