Spring to Summer Highlights

20 Jul, 2020

April to June highlights

What a busy few months we have had here at Bridge, Burton and Trent Court. The Spring melted into a wonderfully warm Summer, and our gardens burst into a riot of colour and wildlife. Our ladies and gentlemen have been taking full advantage of the warm weather with bird watching and gardening. We’d like to share our Spring to Summer Highlights with you all.

Our ladies and gentlemen’s mental and physical health is, of course, at the forefront of our minds during this lockdown. We have been working really hard to make sure they have been kept stimulated. We have been working on arts and crafts, movement, singing, storytelling, and music to enhance this daily.

On VE Day, we had a glorious party sitting in the sun, singing, and we raised a glass to our families, friends and those who fought for us. It was a really, very special day for all of our ladies, gentlemen and staff.

In June, our manager of the past 8 years, Carla, left for pastures new, and we welcomed Fiona Gilbert to the Towerview Care family. Fiona started her career as a nurse in the NHS within community settings before moving to the private sector in 2005. She has been working in older adult residential and nursing services for the past 9 years. When not working, Fiona enjoys reading and spending time with her grown children and grandchildren.  She also has a dog called Oscar and 2 cats, Cornflake and Hugo. Welcome to the family, Fiona!

The whole Towerview Care family has been working really hard during lockdown to make sure our ladies and gentlemen are kept mentally and physically stimulated. Here are just a few highlights of what we have all been up.

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