Mental health

We understand the challenges of mental health,complex and dementia care

Mental health is just as important as physical health, particularly for those with dementia who may experience depression, anxiety or an awareness of their reduced capabilities. One in four over 65s suffer from depression and 40% of over 85s live with debilitating depression, which hinders their ability to carry out daily activities.

Mental health care

Many families have placed their trust in Veronica House, for a number of years, to provide quality, person-centred care for their loved one in an open, safe and inviting environment. We provide support for: 

  • Dementia which has advanced with associated complex health issues
  • End of life care
  • Mental health disorders which have stabilised from to treatment and ageing, such as schizophrenia and bipolar
  • Mental health with associated dementia creating complex behaviour issues, including: angry, inhibitive behaviour and physical stressors
  • Needs requiring nursing support

High standards of care

We liaise closely with the local authority community mental health teams and NHS acute mental health services to organise assessments and timely hospital discharges.

We also frequently consult a range of leading mental health experts to ensure we provide the highest standards of care in line with best practice. This includes establishing safe, supportive and specially adapted environments to encourage the independence of our ladies and gentlemen and enhance their confidence.

A safe, warm and inviting living environment

The living environment at Veronica House creates a hopeful and optimistic atmosphere among our ladies and gentleman. This is ensured by our experienced teams who have undertaken bespoke training to build supportive relationships and promote independence.

Stimulating outdoor spaces

Easy access to the outside is important for the mental health of our ladies and gentlemen. As well as being a great stimulator and source of vitamin D, the outdoors provides a chance to relieve tension and anxiety, as well as act as personal space for reflection.  is therefore proud to offer private, secure gardens with safe pathways to everyone we support.

Communicating about mental health

Speaking openly and honestly about mental health is one of the best ways to help people cope with what they are going through. 

At Veronica House, you can expect:

  • Peer support to reduce stigma and isolation
  • Attentive and personalised services
  • A welcoming and inclusive community
  • Insightful psychological therapies and strategies