Fiona Southgate – Psychologist

Hello, my name is Fiona Southgate, and I am a Psychologist. I work therapeutically in comfortable settings with individuals. We work on gentle reminiscence work around their personal life stories.

I consider where the person may be within their dementia and develop sessional work, where we can explore those memories and experiences which have shaped their lives.

Some memories may be associated with stressful and perhaps traumatic feelings. By providing the right emotional support, I aim to help individuals access these memories, so they are less challenging, leading to a reduction in the behaviours that were causing concern.

By working with the person, their family, the environment and those around them, we can replace these behaviours with greater well-being and quality of life.

I also provide emotional support for the families of the people we care for, as they transition their relatives into one of our homes.

Outside work, the time I share with my family is precious.

Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that our ladies and gentlemen are receiving the correct clinical support around their complex care needs, behaviour and mental health within a calm, stress-free environment that encourages psychological well-being.
  • Ensuring that medication is being used correctly and does not have a negative impact on each individual’s ability to function

Our psychologists work across multiple homes within the Towerview Care Group.