Nutrition and food

Mealtimes are an important part of the day at Veronica House and we ensure the individuals we support are provided with a choice of tasty, nutritionally-balanced meals.

Individuals can choose whether to eat together in a family environment, or alone if they prefer.

Our dedicated chefs have developed a restaurant-style dining menu, with meals to suit everyone. With input from diet specialists, we provide healthy meals to suit all tastes, needs and preferences, including allergies. We offer home-from-home classics and special dietary requirements, there is something for everyone. Smaller high-energy meals are provided as required.

Our meals taste and look good and are packed with nutritional value, helping everyone to eat healthily whatever their circumstances. Throughout the day, tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks are readily available in our kitchenettes, encouraging our ladies and gentlemen to make choices and helping with dexterity.

 Our environmental health rating

We have a 5-star rating, an indication of the commitment to quality standards of our team at Veronica House.

Food Hygiene Rating - 5 - Very Good